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At Architectural Building Solutions, we offer a wide range of construction products and services. Whether you’re in need of full-service construction support for ground-up projects, interior renovations, design-build, or interior build-out projects, we have “Partner Contractors” and “Partner Fabricators” equipped with the tools and experience to turn your vision into reality.

All of our services are delivered by an incredible team of specially recruited people instilled with our company work ethic. Our professional team members approach every assignment and project with a creative and enthusiastic attitude toward service, excellence and problem solving—a difference you will notice immediately.

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Manufacturers We Represent

NanaWall Logo
NanaWallDuring our 25-plus years in business, NanaWall has earned the trust of architects, builders, design professionals, and homeowners as a solutions provider for re-imagining how buildings, people, and the elements interact. By combining precision engineering and outstanding design options across more than 20 unique systems, we advance design possibilities beyond the conventional for almost any space.

ConwedAt Conwed Designscape products perform to your exact acoustical specs – and they beautifully complement the setting. With a heritage of more than 75 years, Conwed Designscape is a leading supplier of custom acoustical walls, ceilings and related products. All designed for range of commercial, institutional, retail and other building types.

EurospanWhat do you get when you combine a smooth and seamless look with acoustic science and a bit of green? You get Eurospan® wall and ceiling acoustical panels. Available in standard white or custom-ordered colors and finishes, Eurospan® panels offer the beauty to complement a multitude of designs with the best in sound-control and enhancement. Many products also contribute to LEED projects and carry a Green Cross label.

WallTechSince 1982, Wall Technology has designed and produced highly functional, high-style acoustic wall and ceiling products. Ideal for architectural, commercial and institutional applications, we offer standard and customizable wall and ceiling panels, clouds, baffles, diffusers and other sound-control products. Many also contribute to LEED® projects.

WallTechDesign. Create. Inspire. Since 1967, Norton Industries, Inc. has been an innovator of creative ceiling ideas. Headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio, we maintain a 48,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Family, woman owned and operated, we are proud of the exceptional solutions we have brought to the ceiling industry. With our experienced engineers and quality craftsmen, we have an outstanding ability to turn your concepts into reality. We want to be your ceiling manufacturer!

Wood Ceilings

Norton Ceilings

Our wood canopies are constructed of 3/4″ fire-rated mdf and we use solid wood veneers. The canopies can be veneered on both sides and edges as well as perforated or solid. Our standard panel size is 4′ x 8′ however smaller panel sizes or up to 5′ x 12′ are available. Our wood canopies can be either suspended from the ceiling with a cable system or mounted by brackets with a hook-on system.Choose from concave, convex, flat, angled, s-curve or a combination of canopies.

Wood Walls

Norton Walls

Our wood panels are made of 3/4″ fire-rated mdf and we use solid wood veneers. We offer a variety of panel sizes: standard and custom. Perimeter caps and cutouts for fixtures are available. Choose from four mounting styles that use our standard Heavy-Duty 15/16″ T-bar grid: shadow 1/4″ reveal concealed suspension, tegular, flush & wall mount. Perforate your panels by using one of our 13 standard perfo-ration patterns or customize your own.

Pretense Division

Norton Pretense

Design, create and inspire with Pretense canopies! Pretense canopies use either a linear multiwall polycarbonate or a solid polycarbonate sheet which is fixed to a radius by a 3/8″ diameter rod in a silver satin finish. All hardware comes assembled, ready to connect and hang for easy installation. We offer a wide variety of canopy sizes, colors, patterns and configurations to suite your project needs. Our polycarbonate resin panels are fire resistant and completely recyclable.


acouStaCorp Logo

Design and Manufacture of Variable Acoustic Banners

Variable acoustic banners change room reverberation time, improving the listener’s experience as they increase the value and flexibility of public assembly spaces. Established in 2009, acouStaCorp provides solutions for addressing spaces with multiple and conflicting acoustical requirements. We are industry leaders, innovating with continual R&D efforts, to deliver World Class acoustic performance for our clients. Certified ASTM C423 tests coupled with our superior quality controlled manufacturing process, project management and product support provide important tools for design professionals.

Experience Counts: 100+ Projects | 1,000+ Banners | 6 Continents.

Need to Tune Your Room?

Baily Logo

ComSlab is a combination of deep steel decking and a concrete cover slab that have cured together and bonded structurally as one element. This construction technique results in significant cost savings and is ideal for fast track construction; especially in tight working spaces.


The ComSlab system from Bailey incorporates deep profile galvanized metal deck, standard concrete and single bar reinforcement to produce structurally efficient flooring systems suitable for a wide range of building applications. ComSlab® will accommodate all structural systems including lightweight steel framing walls, structural steel beams, masonry or poured concrete walls/beams, insulated concrete forms or wood framing wall construction. As compared to traditional cast-in-place concrete floors, the ComSlab system is proven to save up to 50% in concrete, 70% in rebar and 50% in shoring resources. Stiffer, stronger, and lighter than other floor systems, the use of ComSlab means that the weight and size of the primary structure and the foundations can often be reduced. This overall reduction in material resources and structural weight can lead to significant environmental benefits in addition to cost benefits.

View ComSlab Long Span Concrete Floor Brochure.

View ComSlab Benefits – Acoustical Brochure.

MBI Products – Since 1965, MBI Products Company has established a reputation as being the leader in the Acoustical Products Industry by pioneering many of the products used today. Our successful business existence is attributed to our eagerness to work closely with customers to help solve their noise problems and assure them a quality product that meets their needs. This idea reflects our business ideals of creative acoustical products, on-time delivery, and loyalty to our customers. Our 45 years of experience helps us to provide practical, decorative solutions to noise control for all types of buildings.

Featured Product: Masquerade is a custom printed panel that comes in any size to cover up areas that are either visually unappealing or in need of an artistic upgrade. It is acoustically transparent, so it will not interfere with existing sound control. View the Masquerade product brochure or view the entire MBI Products Catalog

More detailed information on MBI’s line of acoustical products can be found by entering their online catalog. Each product is broken down to include technical data, finishes and color choices, CAD Drawings and Installation Details, specifications, and photographs.

Use our Product Finder to help find the product best suited to your needs.


Contact us to learn how to transform your ordinary space into an outstanding space.

Since 2003 Kirei has been dedicated to providing beautiful, sustainable, functional design materials to help innovative interior designers and architects design elegant, creative, productive interior spaces.

Coco TilesEcho Panel


O-KERA Ceramic Slab is a new category of surfacing material suitable for indoor and outdoor surfacing applications such as wall cladding, countertops, desks and any other application where natural stone, high-pressure laminate and solid surface are used for.

Combining lightness and resistance, O-KERA is flexible and resistant to heat, wear and tear, scratches and UV rays meeting the practical needs of consumer, trade professionals and specifiers. It is available in slabs measuring 118″ x 39″ x 1/4″, with a weight of only 2.89 lbs./sq.ft.

Advantages of OKERA include the following: stain, scratch, and heat resistant, VOC free, no need of sealing, graffiti proof, can be used indoor and outdoor, and thin and light. Click here to see O-KERA’s selection of colors.

OkiteOKITE Quartz Surfacesare quite simply, the stuff of dreams. It lights up kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms or any other area of any hospitality, healthcare or other commercial projects. It’s a unique compound of resin and up to 93% natural quartz, one of the toughest and most naturally attractive of all minerals.OKITE® is highly heat, stain and scratch resistant and is extremely durable – five times stronger and more durable than granite – and non-porous. It never needs sealing. Plus, it’s remarkably easy to clean and maintain. In short, it’s a luxurious material like no other. Click here to see OKITE’s selection of colors and here for guide specifications.

OKITE Translucent Collection

OKITE is proud to present our latest innovation – the OKITE Translucent Collection (Pietre Preziose), together with the “Illumination System”, allows for spectacular colors and a great impact.

The “Illumination System” is offered by OKITE as a Lighting Solution for our clients. State of the Art technology, available in both LED & RGB, is used to create a system that is rated for up to 70,000 hours. The Pietre Preziose 9004 White slab can be any color with the RGB “Illumination System”. With Clear White LED’s, the contrast and brightness can be controlled to enhance the lighting in all three colors of Pietre Preziose.”

PROTECT ALL COMMERCIAL FLOORING is a slip-resistant flooring manufactured from 100% pre-consumer recycled content that provides slip, stain, and fire protection for areas exposed to water, heavy-traffic patterns, and extreme weight loads.
Over 6 million pounds of vinyl waste are recycled into PROTECT-ALL every year and kept out of our nation’s landfills.
Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, PROTECT-ALL helps reduce slips and falls, and is also resistant to mildew and other bacterial growth. It does not absorb water and is non-corrosive, even when exposed to chemicals, animal fats, or grease.

PROTECT-ALL is available in eight colors, varying sheet sizes and thicknesses, with matte or gloss surface finishes as well as interlocking and square tiles.

PROTECT-ALL® Commercial Flooring is the leading recycled vinyl flooring product. PROTECT-ALL was created in 1989 and is made in the USA.

Sound Seal

Sound Seal provides industrial noise control products, impact acoustical floor underlayments, sound quality architectural acoustical products, and WoodTrends wood wall and ceiling panels.

MetalTrends Logo

Metal Trends by Sound Seal, Inc. is a family of high performing metal wall and ceiling sound absorption panels ideally suited for new construction or renovation of any space with reverberant noise problems or where the need to acoustically tune a space is desired. Light weight perforated metal construction combines durability, economy and aesthetics with excellent sound absorbing characteristics in our easy to install modular designs.

Metal Trends products are very low maintenance, easily cleaned, non-combustible and suitable for interior and exterior installations. This product family offers solutions for speech clarity, speech privacy and overall sound quality concerns in any environment. View more on the Sound Seal website.

PDF Announcement: Sound Seal Introduces MetalTrends

Industrial Logo

Industrial Noise Control ProductsDesigned to reduce noise in a wide variety of industrial applications our industrial noise control products feature noise control products,acoustic enclosures, mass loaded vinyl noise barriers, wall absorbers, indoor enclosures, flexible noise barriers and other soundproofing products. View more.New Pipe and Duct Brochure:

Impacta Underlayment Logo
Impacta Acoustical Floor UnderlaymentsOur Acoustic Underlayments are designed to reduce and isolate foot fall or impact noise between the floor/ceiling assembly. Impacta Floor Underlayments are available in a variety of models for use under marble, tile, hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl and loose lay vinyl’s. View more.

Sound Quality Acoustical Wall and Ceiling PanelsOur architectural wall and ceiling panels are designed to acoustically treat and soundproof interior wall and ceiling spaces including; schools, music rooms, universities, churches, offices and any space that has reverberation problems. Sound Quality products include: acoustical wall panelsacoustic ceiling tiles, ceiling bafflesceiling absorbersflexible noise barriers,specialty ceiling tiles,  acoustic bannersreflectors and sound diffusers and noise barriers. View more

Woodtrends Logo

WoodTrends Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels

Decorative real wood panels installed on walls and ceilings that add warmth and beauty to any interior space.  Available in both acoustical and decorative models in over 20+ species of wood. WoodTrends Products include:  acoustical wood ceilingswood walls & custom wood ceilings and wall systems. Also check out our in stock wood ceiling tilesView more.

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