Continuing Education – Request A Presentation

Now you can obtain some of your required 18 required learning unit (LU) hours quickly, easily and for free by scheduling a “Lunch and Learn” Presentations with Architectural Building Solutions. We currently offer one continuing education presentation that counts toward the annual AIA continuing education requirement:

1.) Sustainable Design and Benefits Using Quartz Surfacing

Length: 1 hour
Credit: 1 (Learning Unit)
Health Safety Welfare (HSW): Yes

Method of Delivery: PowerPoint presentation with samples and hand-outs

Audio/Visual required: Electrical power for AV Equipment. Presenter will provide a projector and laptop for presentations (projector screen or flat, light-colored surface required)

Cost to participants: None

Point of Contact:
Stephanie Marcusky
(225) 389-6966
Email: customerservice @

When inquiring about scheduling a AIA Presentation, we will email you:
1.) the AIA/CES Registered Provider Program Summary (let us know which of the two above presentations that you want information about)
2.) the AIA/CES Registered Provider B Form (Sign in sheet must have each participant name and AIA number for credit).
3.) the AIA/CES Registered Provider Program Evaluation form (to be filled out by each participant at the end of the presentation.

Please request a “Lunch & Learn Presentation” with the following via email to customerservice @ at least 3 weeks prior to your desired presentation date:
1.) Presentation/Lunch Coordinator Name
2.) Firm Name
3.) Firm Address
4.) Name of Desired Program/Presentation
5.) Requested Date(s) and Start Time for the Program/Presentation
6.) Requested Restaurant Name
7.) Requested Restaurant Tel #
8.) Lunches will be: Pick Up or Delivery or unsure (Identify one)
9.) If lunches need to be picked up, Restaurant Address
10.) Any other pertinent information

ABS Lunch and Learn Requirements:
1.) Minimum of 5 participants
2.) Minimum of 1 hour allowed
3.) Maximum of $12 per lunch per person
4.) A receipt must be provided for the lunches
5.) Presentation/Lunch Coordinator must inform ABS (via tel or email) when they have placed the lunch order (at least by 10AM the date of the presentation) with the restaurant.

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